Book Printing Lingo: What is Coil Binding?

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Are you new to the world of binding techniques? You can definitely opt for coil binding technique. As a matter of fact, this binding technique is considered to be the most popular method for binding documents. However, those who are new to this lingo should know about this method in details. Well, one can easily take the help of expert coil binding in order to understand the lingo.

coil binding

Coil Binding

Coil binding is also referred to as spiral binding. It is a simple, yet trendy book-binding technique. This binding method is attractive as it offers a secured binding method. Basically, this binding method securely binds the cover and pages of a book in a great manner.

Unlike other binding technique, this binding form makes use of durable plastic or metal coils. The metal or plastic coil which resembles long spring is inserted through the holes that are punched on the edges of book’s cover and pages. Once the coil passes through the holes, it is curled from both ends. It is done so that the pages of the book or document remain in place.

Unlike other binding forms, professionals offering coil binding feels that the coil bound pages don’t come with any special tension. Thus, allowing the pages of the document or the book to be rotated very easily. It can rotate freely up to 360 degrees. Moreover, the pages can be kept flat on the desk. It reduces the burden to manually hold the book for a long time.

coil bindings

A Popular Technique

It is the third-most popular binding method after saddle stitching and perfect binding.

Hence, one can opt for this binding method in order to make a presentation, or report or proposals. Even it can be great for making instructional books or any kind of manuals, travel books and guides.

Usually, when opting for a reputable coil bindings supply provider, it is important to take into consideration some important points. They are:

  • The provider should have a proper knowledge of GBC/ Ibico 4:1 pattern.
  • Utilizing 5:1 pattern coils makes use of holes that are 0.200”.
  • If they go for the industry standard for colorful coils, holes should be at 0.250”

One of the important advantages of consulting a reputable supplier is one gets to choose a wide range of length and color options. Although professionals prefer to use 12” lengths for spiral coils, one can opt for other lengths.


Coils binding professionals feel that it’s important to learn about the advantages of coil binding method. For instance, this binding technique can be used to bind documents with fewer to a higher amount of pages. Hence, one won’t need to worry about the thickness of the document.

As the turning of the pages becomes easy, adding tabbed page dividers is a common thing. Printed tabs can make reference easy. Another advantage which one gets to see is that the pages can be turned 360 degrees.

Coil binding is a friendly binding technique. In fact, the popularity of the coil bindings has made it mandatory for coils binding providers to offer this binding at an affordable rate.