How to Choose The Ideal Color For Your House?

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Painting is a good way to give your old house a breath of fresh air. It will also increase the value of your house by making it more appealing. However, when you plan on painting, it is important to choose the right colors. This might not be an easy task. The buzz regarding color is referred to as the color psychology. Color that you use is important to you personally at your home and also in place where you work.

According to commercial painters Toronto here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when you plan to paint the house.

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Start Small

In case you are sure where you can begin with the color, you can experiment in a bathroom or a powder room. In case you are not hiring commercial painters Toronto and doing it yourself, you need to select an area that is quick to do so. This way you will be able to see the results at a faster pace. If you are not happy with it, you will have the opportunity to change it. In order to get started, you can choose a color drawn from the artwork, dishes, rug  as an accent or the main color.

Consider the Mood

When you choose the color, it is important to consider the mood of the room. You have to consider whether you want to feel soothing, dramatic, or restful. Soft, neutrals, and cool colors usually give you a quieter feeling. However, strong colors will add to the drama.

When it comes to the dining area mentions commercial painters Toronto, you need to consider if you want to feel stimulating or sociable, quiet, or formal. Warmer and brighter colors will offer a sociable atmosphere. If you want a formal atmosphere, you should opt for neutrals and blue and greens.

If you have a kid’s room, you need to consider whether you want to make it exciting and fun or a restful and orderly feeling. Make sure that you do not over-stimulate the children with the bright colors. You might not realize but some bright hues might create irritability and unrest.

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Pay Attention to Lighting

You will notice that paint stores have light boxes for testing the paint chips. Commercial painters Toronto states that

  • Natural light will show the true colors
  • Fluorescent light will cast a blue tone
  • Incandescent light will bring out the yellows and the warm tones

Hence, a strong color might be too overpowering and bright when you use it on the walls or beside large windows. However, this can prove to be efficacious if you are using it as indirect light on the accent wall.

Get to Know the Color Terms

It is important to know the terminology which is used for describing a color. For instance, color is also known as hue. The value of the color will depend on how dark or light it is. A color is said to be saturated when the hue is dominant enough.  Intensity is referred to the brilliance of the color. The pure colors like red are more intense than all the combined color like green-yellow.

In order to enhance your confidence, commercial painters Toronto says that you should test the colors on the poster board or a large portion of the wall. Learn how you can Foster Creativity in Your Kids here!