Jewelry Safety Tips To Avoid Damage to Your Jewelry

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Every woman loves to own and wear some kind of jewelry. However, all kind of jewelry faces some kind of hazards. For example, with the approach of warm weather, many people who love to do gardening or head on to the beach in order to enjoy warm weather. While enjoying warm weather there can be plenty of opportunities that your trinkets might get lost. It can flip off while opening the gloves or it can get inside the sink drain. Therefore, it can cause damage to the trinkets.

Jewellery stores Vaughan are providing some useful safety tips which if followed can avoid damage of the trinkets, even when you plan to hit the beach or do some gardening work.

Taking Off Your Trinkets

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  • It is always best to remove trinkets in order to avoid damage, especially during warm weather. Hence, it would be better if you take off your trinkets before gardening. Dirt and small rocks can be harsh on trinkets.
  • Chlorine water can damage, discolor the stones, and slowly erode it. Thus, precious stones can easily get damaged.
  • While wearing a chain, jewellery stores Vaughan suggest that you should not apply lotions as it can make it look dull. So try to remove your rings or earrings before heading to a pool.
  • During cold weather, fingers start to shrink. At this point a ring can come off from the finger. You may not even take a note of it. Hence, try to avoid wearing them as you might not even know when your ring slips off.

    Store It in A Safe Place 

  • Jewellery stores Vaughan states that it’s better to place each kind of trinkets in separate boxes. For example, you can place earrings in one box and rings in another. It would be better it ornaments are kept in a soft bag lined with soft fabric.
  • Once you take off your trinkets make sure to store it in a safe place. You should not place one trinket over other as the trinkets can get scratched. Make sure the jewelry box in which you are keeping your trinket is clean and dry.

Cleaning Jewellery

It is important to clean the trinkets from time to time. This is because sweat and body oil can affect the shine of trinkets. In order to clean them, warm soapy water and toothbrush can be used.

Watch for Any Loose Stones

While cleaning a trinket like rings or earrings or chains, you must inspect for loose gemstones or clasps. Bringing your trinkets to jewellery stores Vaughan for regular check-ups can help you to avoid losing it and also keep the jewelry in great shape.

It would be better if you inspect your trinkets inspected after every six months. Jewelers can watch the signs of wear and tear and do their best to secure it, in case, your jeweler suggest for any repairs, you should go for it right away.

Leading jewellery stores Vaughan suggest that it would be better to keep cracked or damaged trinkets aside. Doing this won’t allow you to lose your trinkets.