Laurie Lawson Property

The Laurie Lawson property is the first property under the care of the Northumberland Land Trust - as announced on December 7th, 2005.

Location: Northumberland County, Hamilton Township, Lot 24, Concession 2 (S.part)
Size: 100 acres or 42 hectares.

A Mr. Donaldson was owner of the property in 1878. Subsequently it passed through the hands of several owners until purchased by the late Dr. Laurie Lawson. In 1968 he offered the site to the local Cobourg School Board for use as an Outdoor Education Centre. Initially four Cobourg schools made use of it working out of a large loaned C.O.D. tent erected by army personnel.

With the advent of nine regional school boards, a re-organization effort by the Ministry of Education in 1969, its usage was suddenly desired by 29 local Central Area schools of the new United Counties Board. Thus a building was built in partnership with technical students of CDCIE. By 2005, 35 years later, approximately 125,000 student visits from elementary, secondary and special needs classes have utilized the centre accompanied by their school staff and numerous parent volunteers.

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Photos above by Audrey E. Wilson, Cobourg
Dr. Mary Bedford-Jones and her husband, the late Mr. Bill Goodwin took over the property following Dr. Lawson's death in 1983. Dr. Bedford-Jones, the current owner, would like to continue the preservation of this area.
More details of the property and history.

On this page are some photos that try to give some idea of why this land should be preserved.

Photo above by Audrey E. Wilson, Cobourg




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In Spring, Trillium emerge in several varieties (left and below)

Photo left shows one of the many animal shelters that have been built

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Open Area:
Summer and early Spring

As mentioned in the History above, there is a building on the property used as an Educational classroom. It has been and will continue to be used by local students to learn about forest management, geography and ecology.

If anyone would like more information, please contact us per the details given on the about us page.


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A number of documents are available that describe this property more fully - you can download them from the following list:

  1. Map of Habitats - pdf version - jpeg (picture) version
  2. Trail Map - pdf version - jpeg (picture) version
  3. Managed Forest Compartment Map - pdf version - jpeg (picture) version
  4. Location Map (where is this property exactly?) - pdf version - jpeg (picture) version
  5. Base Line Report - Description of why the property is valuable - pdf version only.
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