The objectives of the corporation are:

  1. to preserve the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Northumberland County, Ontario, providing there is a significant natural area in each project undertaken by the Corporation;
  2. to establish, maintain and manage protected areas and nature reserves in Northumberland County, including the maintenance of features of natural, scientific, environmental, historical or cultural value, and to encourage scientific research and educational services related thereto;
  3. to educate the public on the conservation and preservation of the landscape, ecology and wildlife of Northumberland County and to cooperate with other organizations having similar aims; and
  4. for the carrying out of the foregoing objectives:

i) to acquire by purchase, lease, devise, gift, exchange or otherwise real property located in Northumberland County, or any interest or rights therein,;

ii) to solicit, acquire, accept or receive donations, bequests, grants or subscriptions of money or real or personal property and to enter into agreements, contracts and undertakings incidental thereto;

iii) to hold, manage, improve, develop, exchange, lease, sell, or otherwise deal with the real or personal property from time to time held by the corporation and to retain any real or personal property in the form in which it may be received by the corporation for such length of time as the corporation may determine is desirable for the actual use and occupation of the corporation or for carrying out the charitable objects of the corporation;

iv) to enter into any arrangements with any public authorities or agencies, that are consistent with the corporation’s objects or to obtain from any such authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the corporation may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions;

v) to invest funds of the corporation in such manner as the directors may determine in those investments authorized by law for charitable corporations;

vi) to make such representations as the corporation deems necessary for the furtherance of its objects; and

vii) to do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


To achieve the Corporation’s objectives of preserving the heritage of Northumberland County, protecting areas of natural significance, to educate the public on the conservation of ecology and to co-operate with similar organizations, the Corporation will undertake the following activities:

  • purchase threatened property,
  • obtain lands by donation,
  • manage lands, perhaps with volunteer participation or with other agencies or groups,
  • acquire conservation land easements for permanent protection of natural features,
  • work with landowners to achieve conservation objectives,
  • promote role of the Land Trust and opportunities provided for landowners through printing of brochures and pamphlets,
  • provide advice and assistance to local organizations and government agencies, including joint projects,
  • raise funds by private donations and local community sources,
  • complete transactions for the Federal EcoPlan program,
  • initiate educational programs with schools which may include trips to nature reserves within the County,
  • conduct public meetings and workshops as well as provide public speaking resources to educate the public on the role of the Land Trust,
  • conduct tours and trips to nature reserves for the public,
  • work with landowners and naturalists for the rehabilitation and restoration of prairie grasslands within Northumberland County.